Amazon King was stated with the idea of bringing people to learn about the Amazon and to create jobs in the local community. Amazon King team has built schools, churches, water wells and clinics and continue to plan many other community development projects. Operated by Villacorta’s family, originally from San Pedro de Marupa, a region of the Yagua Tribal, about 150 miles down the amazon. They offer fair prices, excellent accommodations, and experienced guides to ensure satisfaction. Their lodge is located in an idel place for wildlife viewing and interaction with the indigenous people.

Tours and Services

Amazon King specializes in one to five day Amazon river and jungle adventures. Activities include: visits to the local communities, hikes in primary rain forest, night tours of the jungle, knowledge of medicinal plants, birdwatching, canoe rides, fishing, visits to the Yagua Indians and much, much more. Their prices include all transportation, loding, meals, and most importantly, a knowledgeable and experienced English and Spanish speaking guide. They take groups up to 50 people. Their lodge offers phone and internet services.



Pacaya Samiria

National Reserve

Loreto, Perú